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Mixing - Mastering

Taking raw tracks from your studio and turning them into polished and coherent final masters that translate through all listening devices.

Location Recording

FOH Concert Mixing

Multitrack Recording in your favourite location or venue for live stream content or promotional material. Check out our 3D Binaural Video!

Making your music Louder... a LOT louder! and delivering your live performance directly to your audience with clarity and impact, making it easy to get your story across.

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A collection of music mixed and mastered by Burntwood Studio


When looking for a Mastering engineer, the best thing to do is get a couple of samples from different mastering studios and see which one sounds the best!  Fill in the form to the side, and i'll master 2 different samples for free. 1 loud with more compression and the second more open and natural. 



These days many artists are saving money recording themselves, and this is super exciting! Being able to take your time and passionately pouring all your heart and soul into your music; but when it comes to the mix, it can often lack depth, clarity or PUNCH! We know the feeling - so we've built our entire business around helping dedicated artists turn their DIY recordings into professional quality mixes

In 2007, fresh out of college, mix engineer Jamie Tinsley landed his first job as head recording engineer at Antenna Studios in London. Here, he recorded demos for the likes of Florence and the Machine before entering the world of live sound working with the likes of Will Young, Kylie Minogue, 2 Door Cinema club and having spent the last 5 years mixing Rag n Bone Man both Iive and in the studio

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